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Our Via Lingua TEFL course meets the requirements of the College of Teachers Associateship of the College of Teachers TESOL with Teaching Practice qualification (ACOT TESOL with Teaching Practice).

The College of Teachers is a chartered body with the power to award officially recognised UK qualifications from introductory certificates through to professorships. It has a very long and illustrious 158 year history as a pioneer in education in the UK and overseas despite its diminutive size (such as developing the original UK school exams and investing the first professor of education).

The College was incorporated by Royal Charter as the College of Preceptors in 1849, and changed its name to the College of Teachers in 1998. The College has the same status to award qualifications through its charter as any university in the UK and as such it does not require validation from any body other than the Privy Council Office.

The College awarding powers from the Royal Charter allows the College to make awards that carry official UK academic dress and post-nominal designations for those achieving Associateship or Fellowship levels.

The College awards professional qualifications which run alongside HE qualifications and can be benchmarked to them. The College qualifications are professional awards which are equivalent to UK academic qualifications (the Fellowship qualification is recognised as being at Master's degree level, for example).

The Via Lingua CTEFL program meets the requirements of the College of Teachers Associateship of the College of Teachers TESOL with Teaching Practice qualification (ACOT TESOL with Teaching Practice). This indicates that the Via Lingua program is equivalent to a Level 5 course, as defined by the National Qualifications Framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Level 6 qualifications include B.A. and B.Sc. degrees and Advanced Diplomas in TESOL). The College of Teachers is a UK accredited qualifications awarding body.

The Associateship of The College of Teachers (ACOT) with Teaching Practice

The Associateship of The College of Teachers with Teaching Practice (ACOT) in TESOL is designed to prepare candidates for their first English teaching job. This internationally accredited course provides the candidate with a deeper understanding of the relationship between the theories underpinning the practice of teaching English together with guided, purposeful observations of qualified and experienced tutors.

Who might undertake an ACOT with teaching practice?

An Individual hoping to get their first TESOL teaching role and able to undertake observed teaching practice.

The College helps build Cred-Ability

Over the last few years a number of EC-funded initiatives have explored different aspects of prison arts, confirming the effective role that the arts play in helping inmates cope with prison life and their rehabilitation into the world outside. Given that the arts provide an alternative, less predictable approach to more traditional activities, they can often come into conflict with the security interests of many penal institutions. It is therefore crucial that those engaging in such activities are properly briefed and prepared, not only about the particular approaches they might use but also about the specific context in which they will be working.

Whilst some locally effective training programmes preparing artists to work in prisons have been developed in England and Northern, in the rest of Europe there is very little specialist training on offer and it is this gap which Cred-Ability seeks to fill. Funded through the European Commission's Leonardo Transfer of Innovation programme and coordinated by SEEDS for Growth in conjunction with The College of Teachers, Cred-Ability is adapting modules developed in the UK for potential application by organisations in three other European countries: aufBruch in Germany, who organise theatre productions in Berlin prisons; the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, who prepare arts therapists to work in Lithuanian jails; and the Latvian Culture College, who train teachers to work in a wide range of social and cultural contexts.

The main project outcomes include:

  • a comprehensive training model covering all aspects of prison arts delivery
  • an interactive project website with e-learning facilities
  • a series of international workshops, meetings & conferences
  • international accreditation through The College of Teachers


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